Comfortably analyze and sign VBA macros

Our developments focus on you and your employees. The result of this approach: intuitively usable applications that offer your company both efficiency and convenience in daily work. The fruits of this labor are the Office VBA Security & Compliance (OVSC) program. 

Secure your macros

Our work secures your handling of VBA macros . For quick analysis and efficient signing of your macros, work with Office VBA Security & Compliance. The various packages are based entirely on your needs and usage. We will be happy to advise you on the right package. In addition, we ensure that macros are replaced. The technology is outdated, secure variants are established.

Office VBA Security & Compliance

Get an overview of all VBA macros used in your company. Automatically analyze all macros for malicious code and sign harmless macros.

VBA replacement

How can you map the processes automated by macros with other technologies? What options are there and which solution integrates optimally into your existing IT landscape? Let us help.