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VBA macros: Efficient, but a security risk for your IT

You probably don't even know which role VBA macros play in your IT. In many companies, VBA macros control complex and critical business processes without the IT department or management knowing about it. No wonder, macros are  flexible, quickly created and take away tedious routine work.

They continue to enjoy great popularity, even though the technology has been outdated for a long time and safe alternatives are available. And it is precisely these changes in technology that can throw companies off track in terms of macro handling. And it is precisely these technological changes that keep throwing companies off track when dealing with macros.

Our self-developed solution Office VBA Security & Compliance  supports you in making your IT secure and fit for the future. A VBA analysis and the signature of your VBA macros provide security.

Get an overview

Get a quick overview of all macros used in your company.

Automated analysis

Save your time by letting Office VBA Security & Compliance analyze your macros for malicious code.

Efficiently signed

After signing, only signed macros can be executed - for your IT security.

VBA macros can be a security risk.

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Secure your macros

As experts in the field of data security, we focus on optimizing Office applications to secure VBA macros on the one hand, but also advise on IT security independently of Microsoft Office.

You receive well thought-out concepts for IT security on the one hand, and implementation by competent developers and project managers on the other.

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